Guided Bicycle Tours in Bulgaria

      Does anybody need a guided bicycle tour in Bulgaria???, if yes, I - Boris Bob and my daughter Maya can be your very experienced bicycle tour guide.

      I and Maya are  experienced bicyclists. I  have been touring in Bulgaria by my bicycle more than 40 years, and the last 19 years  we have been guiding bicyclist groups from USA, GB, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Israel, South Africa.


      I can always be asked additional questions please do not hesitate to ask me, my available E-mail is:

jsm +359 887 954686


I also am a fan of FB :)

       I was born at September, 26, 1956 in Pernik town 20 miles southwest of Sofia.  After completing secondary school in my native town, I was 2 years in the Bulgarian Army, where I learned survival skills.  I returned to school to study engineering, and ultimately received a doctorate degree in engineering in the field of machine dynamics from the University of Sofia.  I have 2 children my son, Stoyan (1980), and my daughter, Maya (1985).






      Maya is an IT specialist, in the moment she is dealing with her little baby - Rumy (October, 16, 2016) ... we hope that very soon Rumy will be with us when we tour or guide our groups.

     The bicycle tours we guide in Bulgaria:

         - We greet our bicyclist guests at the Sofia airport (regardless of the time of arrival);

        - We plan your tour details, establishing where and how you would prefer to travel.  This determines if you will self-support, primitive camp, or use van support and hotel and bed & breakfast.  We may choose how many days of cycling, your ideas for the terrain and mileage, consider the weather,  and all the types of things you prefer. This itinerary is tentative, and can be changed as we travel as you wish; 

         - Restaurants: a dinner/lunch in a nice restaurant is approx. 10 - 15 EURO/ person;

        - Hotels and Bed & Breakfast Inns are available, the usual price of a nice room for person/night is 15 - 25 EURO (summer 2019);

        - free wi fi is available everywhere;

        - Our guide fees are quite modest;

        - bike tours are possible between 1st April and 30th September;

        -  you will define how many days will be the tour and dates of the tour;

        - everyone must have own equipment (bike, little tent, sleeping bag and neoprene rag);

         - if there are problems with bike transportation I will assure bikes (mountain type - 18 speeds);

          - van (car) supporting - possible under additional agreement;

        - Because summer months are very busy for us, arranging the tour by the end of February is highly recommended. If available, a tour can be arranged at the last moment.

        - Renting of bikes, booking of hotels and arranging transport from the airport to the hotel and back is all possible for us to do for our guests.

       - AN OFFER FOR A COUPLE OF BICYCLISTS: A car + fuel + car driver (me) + 2 bicycles - 80 EURO/day.

      - For bicyclists who need not guiding please do not hesitate to consult with us about everything connected with bicycling, in Bulgaria (please only have in mind that summer time often we are touring and away from the computer for a week or 2 two);

      So, it is not a problem for me to design a tour for your group. I will tailor your experience to your interests. Simply tell me what are you expecting to do, see, and/or experience in Bulgaria. When I receive your request, I will structure a tour for you.  If I see that I will be not able to satisfy your wishes, I will give you links where you will find other guides who may be able to assist you.

      I have noticed that bicyclists avoid pedaling in Bulgaria in the months of July and August, thinking it is too hot ... for them I have very nice route in the Rodopi Mountains (8 - 12 days), where temperatures in the hottest summer days are not above 26 deg C.

It is time to plan your bike tours for the summer '19 !!!

      I realize that Bulgaria is almost unknown destination for bicyclists, so in the next table I post names and E mails of the bicyclists toured with us in the years. If you follow the links (names of the bicyclists) you will see many pictures and stories of our tours.

      The items pointed with the red asterisk * includes fanny stories by the participants in the tours.

 Stratton & Susan Smith * USA         stratton at strattonlaw dot com 2000 and 2002
 Birger & Ulla Ålsbøl Denmark 

  ullaalsbol at hotmail dot com

2001, 2002, 2004, 2005

 Tony & Ann Holmes *GB            atholmes22 at fsmail dot net 2002

 Marty Cooperman

 Stephen Kerr

 Ann Wombat

 Laura Cooperman


kerrsr at comcast dot net  

  wombatgrrl at gmail dot com 

eilseleid at yahoo dot com

m dot cooperman at csuohio dot edu


 Jean & Jetje Bruynincks

 Guido & Yvette Roeben

Belgium   jean dot bruyninckx at belgacom dot net
yvette at roebben dot com
2005, 2008, 2012

 Victor and Aaron Erlich

aaron dot erlich at gmail dot com
Victor dot Erlich at nwhsea dot org

 Mathias & Dorothea Haidlauf

 Anne Kastorff-Kühl


    mathias at haidlaufs dot de 

akastorff-kuehl at web dot de

    2010, 2011
 Ryan and Yuliya          

 bogdan at fas dot harvard dot edu

julia_sn at yahoo dot com

 Benny & Michal Israel      bmedalion at yahoo dot com 2014
 Lili, Thomas and  Daniel * TRode at gmx dot de 2014

 Raphael & Adi

 Yonatan & Irit

Israel      adimohr at gmail dot com 2014

 Saul & Jackie

 Fred & Keri

 Bart & Sandie


* USA        

Saul at isomedia dot com

jthiebe at hotmail dot com


 Ken & Mimi

 Eric & Devon

 Bob & Donna

 Rick &Theresa

 Terry & Anne

* USA        

mfield8888 at aol dot com

rcreatura at yahoo dot com


 Pieter & Judy

 Malcolm &Rose

*South Africa   

vanaswegen at pnp dot co dot za

judyvanas at gmail dot com


 Glen Dermody

 Rosemary Williams

 Clare Johnson

 Justin Mackie

 Sue Neal

 Tom & Sandra


 David & Sarah




g dot dermody at ntlworld dot com

rosemary dot starlings at hotmail dot co dot uk

clarejohnson45 at hotmail dot co dot uk

justin dot mackie at bt dot com

sueneal at btinternet dot com

tom dot jones55 at ntlworld dot com

j dot graham at ntlworld dot com


julieontherun at gmail dot com

bryntyrchgaret at btinternet dot com

2011, 2013,

2014, 2017

Marty Cooperman

John Mikulich

* USA        

m dot cooperman at csuohio dot edu

john.mikolich at gmail dot com




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