People Bicycled With Us

Raphael & Adi

Yonatan & Irit

July, 2014

      Rephael and Adi, Yonatan and Irit we spent a week of a nice tour in Rodopi Mountain in the raining July 2014.

      Unfortunately the war in their country and the news about it kept all them all the time under pressure, they worried about their children, relatives and friends.

      I know, all of us have heard about the war, watched movies about the war, or red books about it. Me too. But it was the first time I was in a contact with people affected of the war personally. Believe me, reality is very very much different than all that movies, books, stories The time we were together has changed something in me ...

      PEOPLE STOP THE WAR!!! The life is too short to do it!!! It does not worth to make a war!!!

      I hope, I did everything I am able this great couples to spent an exciting vacancy in BG in this not easy time for them Rephael and Adi, Yonatan and Irit ... you are always well come to tour together in Bulgaria again!!! Let next time we are together the war to be away in the past ...

      Down are several photos of our tour.