The Black sea is an unique one. It is almost isolated from the world ocean by 2 narrow channels: Bosporus and Dardanelles. The salt concentration in the water is 18/1000, which is 2 times less than concentration in other seas and oceans, it makes very pleasant to swim in it. 80 – 100 meters below the sea surface water contents SH2, so, only anaerobic live is possible in the sea depth. Industrial fishing in the sea finished in the end of sixties of the last century – citizen of the countries surrounding Black sea ate all the fish in the sea.

      The appropriate period for touring the coastline is


between June and August, although September and a part of October offer good touring, too. Water temperatures June thru August often are 25 – 27 deg. above freezing. Typically, anywhere along the Black Sea coastline, it is windy, especially in its northern segment, with prevailing winds from the northeast.


      An interesting information for the Black sea can be seen here:



      The Black seaside … used to be a beautiful area … But, in the last 2 decades many new resorts and hotels have been built along the shoreline. The shoreline is now covered with concrete and overcrowded by tourists especially July and August.

      The traffic on the road from Romanian border south to


Ahtopol is terrible in the tourist season.

      There are many narrow road segments, drivers drive madly, and often multiple car accidents happen. The road between Varna and Burgas is even signed as forbidden for bicycling.  Although if you decide to tour there, nobody will stop you to do it.


Black Sea Coastline


      I do not recommend touring the coastline, but, myself included, many bicyclists love to explore this area. So I will describe a route beginning at the Romanian border to Durankulak, to the southernmost point of the Bulgarian coastline sector to Rezovo.


      Everywhere there are hotels, resorts and private guest houses available.  Finding overnight accommodations is not a problem. That said, the description below is intended to serve bicyclists loving to camp in the wilderness.

      The first my advice is:


2) Repellent against mosquitoes. 


      In Bulgaria, we do have a big choice of very nice and inexpensive bottles (1,5 litters) of mineral water – it can be bought in any small village. For beer lovers the situation will be even much, much better.  I will not speak about it, they will found it out for themselves.

      When camping in the wild, often around first summer darkness (usually 9 – 10 PM), strange whirls can be heard: jackals … many jackals. Do not be afraid, they are not dangerous.


      Be aware that there will not be a border checkpoint in Rezovo !!! Coming from Turkey, you can enter Bulgaria at the  border checkpoint at Malko Tarnovo (E87). I will give routes from Malko Tarnovo to north in the end of this Chapter.

       To make place and route descriptions easier, I will part the coastline into five sectors, after which I will give more details for each of the sectors.




Sector IV - A  

From Romanian Border to Topola

      1. Durankulak

      2. Krapets

      3. Shabla

      4. Kamen Bryag

      5. Kaliakra Cape

      6. Kavarna

Sector IV - B  

From Topola to Varna

      7.   Tuzlata

      8.   Balchik

      9.   Balchik - Albena

     10. The lighthouse next to Kranevo

     11. Towards Varna

Sector IV - C 

From Varna to Emine Cape

      12. Kamchia River

      13. Shkorpilovtsi

      14. Kara dere

      15. Obzor

      16. Irakli

      17. Emona


Sector IV - D  

From Emine Cape to Burgas

      18. Emona - Nesebar

      19. Nesebar

      20. Aheloi

      21. Sarafovo

Sector IV - E  

From Burgas to Rezovo



      22. Sozopol

      23. Arkutino

      24. Primorsko - Ropotamo River

      25. Kiten

      26. Tsarevo

      27. Ahtopol

      28. Sinemorets and Veleka River Mouth

      29. Rezovo 

      30. Entering in Bulgaria from Turkey     

             (Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo)




Sector IV. A

From Romanian Border to Topola



      1. Durankulak

      2. Krapets

      3. Shabla

      4. Kamen Bryag

      5. Kaliakra Cape

      6. Kavarna



      The shore line here is still not covered with concrete, this part of Bulgarian seaside is still not overcrowded by tourists. Here are several of the best beaches as well, so, I recommend to bicyclists to explore the area I describe further.


      E87 is the road coming from Romania: several kilometers south from Mangalia (in Romania). The Bulgarian border can be crossed at the Border Checkpoint at Durankulak. You can head toward Kavarna along E87, but my suggestion is in Shabla, head east and reach the seaside (toward Tulenovo and Kamen Bryag - road 901). This road is without traffic, there is the scenic place at Kamen Bryag (The Cliff).

      Crossing of the Bulgaria/Romanian border can be done at the Border Checkpoint at Iovkovo, as well, it is not shown on the map above; More information concerning the same area can be seen in:


Chapter III. Crossing Bulgaria from north to south (from Romania to Turkey & Greece),

B. North - East Region 

Point 8. Negru Voda – Kardam (Border Checkpoint Iovkovo)

1. Durankulak


      The first village on road E87 south from Romania/BG Romanian Border is Durankulak. Here a local road is available to the seaside (3 - 4 km to east). Near the beach is located Camping Cosmos and a little restaurant; there is a free access to a fountain with fresh water as well.  North and south from this point there are beautiful sandy beaches. I love this place.

      Behind the beach can be found a big lake, with very low salt content, which is a home of many species of birds, and mosquitoes as well. This lake is on the route of migrating birds between Africa and northern Europe, so it is one of favorite places of the ornithologists. The entire zone is a saved area.  The sand dunes on the beach offer a perfect and legal place for wild camping - nobody will stop you for setting up your tent there for a night or two, or for that matter, for a week.


      For your information, there is an off-road between the sea and Durankulak Lake, south from Camping Cosmos, but this off-road does not go to the next village Krapets.


      Information for Durankulak and the Lake can be seen here:





      All that I have mentioned above can be recognized easy looking next photos. The first several ones are the road toward Camping Cosmos.

The seaside.

      The off-road on the dike between the sea and Durankulak Lake, south from Camping Cosmos. For your information, there is an off-road between the sea


and Durankulak Lake, south from Camping Cosmos, but this off-road does not go to the next village Krapets.

      The sand dunes on the beach offer a perfect and legal place for wild camping - nobody will stop you for


setting up your tent there for a night or two, or for that matter, for a week.


2. Krapets & Ezerets  


      Pedalling south, the next village is Karpets. It is 4 - 5 km east from the main road E87. Again all the coastal seaside area is wild and perfect for camping - I point out the area with the green arrows on the map. No fresh water and food near the beach, but in the village everything can be found.

      Information for Krapets:


      An useful information for overnight accommodation in Krapets:


      Leaving Durankulak, you will pedal along a road still without intensive traffic; here you will see the first signs forbidding pedalling along this road, but as I have already mentioned, nobody will stop you to do it. At your left is the lake of Durankulak, look the next site - an interesting information about archaeology in the region of the lake is available in it:


     Krapets is a little village, it is still not popular tourist destination which makes it a favourite spot for lovers of wilderness. In it is available overnight accommodation, there is a camping 2 kilometers north from it.   Restaurants and food shops are available in it. Information for Krapets:    http://www.krapets.com/

      An useful information for overnight accommodation in Krapets:    http://www.krapets.com/hotel.html

But the best of the area near Krapets is its beautiful beach. In fact you can walk to Durankulak along it.

      An approach to the same beach is possible from the next small villages Ezerets. Just before entering in it you will see a workshop - you can seal your flat tires in it (the first photo below).


      A food shop is available in the village as well as overnight accommodation in a small guest houses. Follow the signs in the village and an off road will lead you to the seaside. Its nice to spent a night there.

      Soon you will be on the beach - again beautiful spot, you will se there no more than 50 tourists. I am surprised to see that Google map shows camping on the beach, but I have never seen such a camping. The last time I visited this place was July '18.


      You can find a little restaurant on the beach and you can set up your tent in the forest behind the beach.

      Bring water with you - buy it in Ezerets, there is not a tap there and in the little restaurant on the beach bottles of mineral water are expensive.

3. Shabla 


      The next little town to the south is Shabla. There is nothing interesting in Shabla, except the possibility to buy provisions. Information about Shabla is available here:





      To avoid the traffic along road N9 (E87), and reach the sea shore, in the town center you have to head to east (if my memory serves the direction is signed) along the local road N 901.

      Just after leaving town, turn to the left and after 3-4 kilometers is the beach and camping "Dobrudzha". Near the beach there is a little restaurant. There are no places here for wild camping.

     There are 2 lakes in the region, here is the information for the lakes:




      Several photos of the road N9 (E87) toward Shabla.

        To avoid the traffic along road N9 (E87), and reach the sea shore, in the town center you have to head to east (if my memory serves the direction is signed) along the local road N 901.          Just after leaving town you will see a sign showing directions toward Shabla Lake (Camping Dobrudzha) or Shabla Cape, road N 90103. Several next photos illustrate it as well as beaches you will be there soon.
      You can miss the visit of Shabla beach and head toward Shabla Cape, which is the east most point of Bulgaria. Years ago this region was a field for mineral oil.         No more oil there, but some of the pumps are still working, pumping thermal water smelting of oil, I do not know why.
     There are located the light house of the Shabla Cape and Karia - a little fisher's village. Overnight accommodation food shop and restaurants are available in it.  

       I have heard they prepare very nice fish dishes in Karia. Some information for all that.


      In the center of this small village there is something like a bath - a huge flow of thermal water spout out from 2 tubes. The water is beautiful, although it is smelting if oil.         Never mind, I always use this nice opportunity visiting this The eeveral next photos illustrate of this interesting place.
      Heading toward Tyulenovo to south, two to three kilometers south from the lighthouse I always spend a night on the shore. Make sure you bring your own food   and water here. The last time I visited this place exactly at this place there was a sign saying that camping here is forbidden. But nobody take care for such a signs here.

      The first small village you will pass by pedalling to south here is Tyulenovo, I do not like it so much and always miss it.


           Some information and photos for it:





4. Kamen Bryag


      Pedalling further to the south, the shore ascends gradually. The  next amazing place is Kamen Bryag (The Cliff).  Information for Kamen Bryag:




      Google Map is enough detailed and shows restaurants and places for overnight accommodation in it. The writing "Ogancheto" on the map in left signs a natural spring of gas which is flaming permanently - the youth love to sit near the fire singing and drinking all the night).


      My choice here is always to spend a night just on the cliff; for it just before entering Kamen Bryag (when you are coming from North), take the off-road to the left, where soon you will be on the cliff. In Kamen Bryag, there are little shops, restaurants, and rooms to rent. But, nothing compares with a night on the cliff just above the sea.

      The "Area for wild camp" I have pointed on the map above is a saved zone called "Yailata".  If you camp here, it is possible police  will come by and ask  

for your documents, but nobody will stop you from spend a night there.



5. Balgarevo & Kaliakra Cape



      Our tour is going to south. Next village along the road is St. Nikola, a restaurant is available near the road.



      From the village you can head to east and visit a little scenic resort called Rusalka. Years ago it was a French resort, Bulgarian were not allowed in it. 

      I have never visited it, next 3 photos illustrate it.



      Some information for Rusalka Resort:    

https://www.beachbulgaria.com/rusalka/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rusalka,_Bulgaria

      The next village towards Kaliakra Cape is Balgarevo. A nice restaurant and other food shops can be


found entering in  Balgarevo.


      Leaving Balgarevo toward Kaliakra in left you will see a sign toward a small private interesting museum. July '18 I spend hours speaking about Bulgarian history with the owner of the museum (the history is something like my hobby).  

      You will hear a lecture in English, German, French or Romanian walking in the museum.  Information for the little museum is available here:  



      One more place I have pointed on the map above is a not big scenic spot called "Bolata" (the left photo). It is very little beach often overcrowded by tourists. I still did not visit it.

       Kaliakra Cape is one of the best places along the seaside. A walk behind the fortress wall would be very nice.


Information for Kaliakra Cape:



      The place played an important role in our mediaeval history. A little museum and a small restaurant are available on the cape.         Presently, there is not access down to the sea: the stair down the sea were broken after an earthquake.  Up to the time of the mid '60s, this area was the last seal habitat.

6. Kavarna


      The next small town along the road is Kavarna. Sitting on the plateau, to visit the beach, you have to bike down to the seaside. The beach is not one of my favourite places to visit.  So, usually I do not visit it. 


      Information for Kavarna:





Several photos showing road 991 from Balgarevo toward Kavarna and the town.

The next three photos are road E 87 toward Kavarna. It is the windiest area in Bulgaria, so you will see a lot of wind generators. 

Kavarna City.

Pedalling 3 - 4 km south from Kavarna again along E87 is Topola - the end point of sector IV - A.

Sector IV. B


From Topola to Varna




7.  Tuzlata

8.   Balchik

9.   Balchik - Albena

10. The lighthouse next to Kranevo

11. Towards Varna

      The next road segment along the seaside is from Topola to Varna.

      All the area south, from Balchik to Varna, is a built up resort area: Albena Resort, Golden Sand Resort, and Konstantin & Elena Resort. The area is overcrowded with tourists and traffic.

      Following my description, this traffic may be avoided to a big extent.

7. Tuzlata

      To avoid the traffic, at Topola, turn to the left towards Tuzlata, a neglected former small resort. A little restaurant can be found there, as well as a fountain of 


fresh water which is not easy to find.  You will have to ask natives about its location. the best here is that the tent can be set up on the beach.



     On the map in left I have shown two approaches to Tuzlata: from Topola and from Balchik.


      Soon after you head toward Topola, you will enjoy of a great view down to the sea, Kaliakra Cape to North and Albena Resort to South.


      Down the sea you will see as well a new built hotels, golf & beach resort, I have never visited it, and I have not any intention to do it.

      The beach nothing to get excited about.  But because the place is wild, I love to camp here for a night. This place is known for a lake and the magic mud around and in it.

      Since ancient Roman times people spread this mud over injured bones and joints, believing it will release their


pain. So, if you love wallowing in the mud, this is your place.

      A restaurant and taps of water are available in Tuzlata. Some information for Tuzlata:


      The last I will mention here is when pedal down the hill after Topola, you will see a sign towards a spot called "White Lagoon".   It appears to be a rather scenic


place, but, it is my suggestion to avoid it. I will mention here without any pleasure, that the owners of the place are great red necks.

8. Balchik

        Five kms south from Tuzlata is Balchik. It is a small city located in tiers above the sea. It is a touristy place. Rooms for the night are easily found, along with  

more luxury hotels. I love to stay here for a day or two. Information for Balchik:



      In the town there is a small residence of the Romanian queen with a lovely botanical garden. The area was under Romanian control in the period 1918 – 1938.  

Information for this spot:



I like this garden and can not avoid to post more pictures :)

 9. From Balchik to Albena

      There was a lane between Balchik and Albena resort which was very nice for bicycling, but a very strong storm in the winter of 2010 pretty much ruined it.         Do not try it if there are waves in the sea. It is only possible to use this lane when seas are calm. There are segments where you have to carry the bike and panniers.





      Although the dike was built to save the cliff because of see wave erosion, it has a broken section, no longer than 100 - 200 meters, which can be seen on the photos.


      On the broken section, you will need to remove your panniers and carried one by one to the other side.


   Photos are taken June 2015.

      So, to go to Albena Resort, it is better to use the panoramic road between them (the map above). Views   towards Albena resort (right) and Balchik (left) can be seen here.  Photos are taken on the scenic Balchik to Albena road.



Albena Resort is a beautiful place:




      There is an endless beach (south towards Kranevo) and the beach sand maybe is the finest all over beaches along BG Black seaside.

      There are fountains and showers on the beach, you can wash your equipment.  Because of the lack of facilities I stay here for an afternoon, and then move on. Here, I love to walk along the beach.

      The entrance road into the Albena Resort has no exit.  So, you will have to leave the resort the same way you came in.

      Pedal to the roundabout, then pedal on the main road towards Kranevo (E87). Be careful riding this segment because there is heavy car and bus traffic. The road cannot be avoided, fortunately it is only 3 km long to the crossroad toward Varna.

      In Kranevo, the beach can be visited as well.  It is the same beach I mentioned above. Along the lane towards the beach there are a lot of restaurants and shops.


      Next several photos are Albena and the road from Albena toward Kranevo.

Overnight accommodation in Kranevo is not a problem.


Next photos are the road toward Kranevo.


10. The Lighthouse next to Kranevo


      Leaving Kranevo, the road (E87) climbs a not very long hill. After several turns you will see a lighthouse (between the road and the sea). Two - three hundred meters further is the only nice place for wild camping, between Balchik and Varna. I signed it by "B" on the map.  The place can be recognized easy looking the first photo below.

      The spot for wild camping is next to the road and hidden behind the bushes.  The location is a bit noisy, but there is very little night traffic. Many times I have camped there. The place is amazing when the moon is full.

      Summer 2015 was the last time I spent a night here. I have noticed that the lighthouse is not there.  It seems they replaced it with a radio tower or something like it.  Several antennas can be seen there. Each next year the place is more and more brushy.

11. Towards Varna


      Next to the place I mentioned above is another big resort "Golden Sands" (Zlatni Piasatsi). Information for it:


      There is not intensive traffic on this local road segment.

      I hope the next more detailed maps will be useful to you. Do not use the lane which is right next to the beach.  In the end, you will reach a stairs up to the road ... many stairs. 

      Reaching Point B, you will see signs directing traffic out of the resort. Do not pay attention to it and enter in the resort, it is the way to avoid the traffic.

      If my memory serves me, signs are just before the first street light crossroad.

   Entering in the resort you will pedal in an area without traffic, you may go down to the beach; at point C you will leave the resort.



      A little further (Chaika Resort) you will see the reason the road is closed. For more than 20 years nobody has repair the road, is perfect for bicyclists.

      Pedalling along this road, you will reach the motor road (E 87).

      If you pedal in the opposite direction, follow the sign toward Golden Sands Resort - the closed is not signed here (the next photo is just at Point E).

Pedalling along the panorama road E 87 (9) you will reach the City.

      Approaching Varna, on your right is the Sea Garden (the green area on the map above).  It would be very nice, if you pay attention on the circle crossroad (point F) along your route - in fact it is the first one   you will see coming from point E, and turn left - the photo below); you can pedal further along a lane next to the sea shore, or along lanes in the Sea Garden almost to Varna Port.


      If you are pedalling from south to north, move next to the Line Station and you easy will reach the sea shore and the lane next to the sore respectively.

      The next several photos are the lane next to the shore.

      Varna is a nice town, we call it “the Sea Capital” of Bulgaria. Below are several photos of Varna; the City, its walking zone, the Cathedral, the City Garden, and the Sea Garden.  

      In Internet there is a lot of information for Varna, here are the 2 best sites I like:



      Several years ago on the region of Varna was found a burial, with some of the world's oldest gold jewellery, dating back to 4,600 - 4,200 BC.




    The artefacts can be seen at the Varna Archaeological Museum.   



     Obviously the question is for some very important person.

 . . . I would not proceed with my gold in such a manner . . .

      Eighteen kms west from Varna along the road N2 there is an interesting place called the “Petrified forest”.



      In fact the rock are not petrified trees, they are formed by gas springs in the sand below the sea water. The mechanism of rock formation is explained in the next link.


The next sector in my description is the route from Varna to Burgas, on the left map down I have shown 2 routes:

route a - along the coast, and route b - inside the country.

Route a:

      I have mentioned and I will say it here again, that in the tourist season E87 is extremely busy in the tourist season: 10th of July to 10th of September. The traffic here is crazy, a lot of cars and busses are driving madly. There are several extremely unpleasant narrow road segment, I really am afraid to pedal there; there are several signs pointing that pedaling here is forbidden. But many times I have seen bicyclists exploring this area, so further I will give information for it.

     So, my suggestion is to avoid it, especially it will be dangerous for a group. Needless to say, that it is very noisy, and there is not any pleasure to pedal here at all.


Route b:

      This route would be much better choice for you. In the right map I have pointed where you can visit some places at the seaside: Shkorpilovtsi, Obzor, Sunny Beach Resort, Nesebar, Pomorie. Along this route there is no any traffic, you will enjoy a nice countryside.


      An additional and very detail information for the passes in the east part of Balkan can be found out in:

      Chapter I.  Passes in Balkan , Sector I. C

- Point 15. Aytoski Pass, Sector I. C - 15. a;

- Point 16. Dyulinski Pass






Sector IV. C


Route a


From Varna to Emona and Emine Cape





      12. Kamchia River & Kamchia Resort;

      13. Shkorpilovtsi;

      14. Kara Dere and Byala;

      15. Obzor;

      16. Irakli;

      17. Emona.



      Again, describing this road segment, I will try to avoid the main road E87 as much as possible.


      Even though the road is next to the sea, it is not a flat plains area. There are several hills no longer than 3 – 4 km.





      Again I will say, a very detail information concerning the east part of Balkan (Aytoski, Dyulinski and Pomoriiski Passes) can be seen in:


 Chapter I.  Passes in Balkan , Sector I. C :


      - Point 15. Aytoski Pass, Sector I. C - 15. a;

      - Point 16. Dyulinski Pass;

      - Point 17. Pomoriiski Pass.


12. Kamchia River mouth


      Just after Varna (when you cross the huge bridge over the channel connecting the sea and the Lake of Varna) locate the old road (road N9) towards Burgas. Road N9 is to left just after the huge bridge over Varna port channel; look for a sign towards Asparuhovo Suburb.


      Choosing to climb along road N9, you will do it on a shady road.

      Several words for the Lake of Varna can be seen here:








The road profile charts from Varna to Bliznatsi.

The bridge over the Channel

      The passing the bridge is not a pleasure at all because of the traffic. After it is Asparuhovo suburb. Unfortunately, just after it there is 5 – 6 kilometers of     climbing. If you climbing morning no later than 10, or in the afternoon after 4, you will enjoy of a shade. The place is woody.
       The next road section (you will be on the main road  E87 again) is narrow and dangerous, and it cannot be avoided if you intend to visit Kamchia. Next photos were taken in the end of May 2020, never mind this period  is  still not the tourist   season, photos illustrate the intensive traffic here. I think for a single cyclist the road is not so dangerous, but for a group the road is not appropriate definitely. Pedal as close to the path edge as possible. Food, water, and drinks can be found in Priseltsi.

      After Bliznatsi, I would recommend turning left and visit one of my favorite places at the seaside, Kamchia River Mouth.  (the road is signed well)


      There are several little restaurants and little food shops, fresh water, an endless beach, and overnight accommodations. 


      The longest beach area (a reserve) is from Kamchia River Mouth to Shkorpilovtsi. If you have time, I would recommend the beach walk to Shkorpilovtsi (to the south) and back.  Unfortunately, it is at least an 4 hour walk in each direction.


        All this area is perfect for camping. Have in mind, late in the evening, you will hear the singing of the jackals.


      Information for Kamchia Resort:





      To return to the main road, E87, pedal along the road next to Kamchia River – an off-road will lead you to the main road at so called "red bridge" (years ago it was painted  in red), here you cannot be wrong.         Have your dog repellent handy, just in case. I think that in the back direction you will find very easy the off road toward Kamchia River Mouth: turn right just after the Red Bridge. All the area is very nice to camp in the wilderness.

13.  Shkorpilovtsi


      Well, we will go further toward Staro Oryahovo along road E 89.

      From the red bridge to Staro Oriahovo again bicycling is along the main road E87. Be warned that there can be really heavy traffic, which can not be avoided.


      Further towards Rudnik you will be pedalling again along E87. After Staro Oriahovo, the road is wider and not so dangerous, but I think it would be better to turn left towards Shkorpilovtsi.


      Because of the rocks in the surf, and the action of the waves along the beach, it is not safe to enter the waters just in front of Shkorpilovtsi, although it looks as a perfect beach.  I have seen badly injured swimmers here. A kilometer to north from Shkorpilovtsi it is safe because there are no more rocks in the surf.


      Little restaurants and food shops, along with rooms can be found in Shkorpilovtsi, but in general, I pedal past this area. information for Shkorpilovtsi:


      The road profile chart from Bliznatsi to Byala. There are two hills here, each 4 kms long, just after Staro Oryahovo and after Fandakliiska Rivet toward Goritsa. Both they are in a woody area, there are a lot of tedious flies especially along the second hill. Adding that to the crazy traffic, the climbing here is not a big pleasure at all.

As I have mentioned above, the traffic here is very intensive and you have to be very careful.

      A restaurant is available next to the bridge over Kamchia River, but my suggestion is to visit the restaurant in Staro Oryahovo just on the crossroad   toward Dolni Chiflik, meals there are really delicious, never mind the unseemly appearance of the restaurant.
The next photos are the road toward Novo Oryahovo and Shkorpilovtsi. Very nice fresh fruits are available in Novo Oryahovo.
      Little restaurants and food shops, along with rooms can be found in Shkorpilovtsi, but in general, I pedal past this area, although I spent very nice afternoon in   the sunny and hot September 2020 having our type of "Margarita" (Daisy) - Mentha, Sprite and cubes of ice, all that in a big cup . . . extremely refreshing !!!

      Because of the rocks in the surf, and the action of the waves along the beach, it is not safe to enter the waters in front of Shkorpilovtsi.  I have seen badly injured swimmers here.


       A kilometer to north from Shkorpilovtsi it is safe because there are no more rocks in the surf.

    Next three photos are the endless beach between Shkorpilovtsi and Kamchia River Mouth.

14. Kara Dere and Byala

      Have in mind, that all this area is a woody place and here there are too many flies. They are tedious especially up the hills, so it would be nice to bring with you a veil.

      One of the safe spots in this area is so called "Kara Dere", east of Goritsa. An off-road begins from the village down to a 4-5 kilometer long beautiful beach. July and August many young people loving to camp in the wilderness there. You will need to bring your own food and drinking water for your stay on the beach. Next are the possibilities to reach Kara Dere from Skorpilovtsi. Pedal back to Staro Oryahovo, to Rudnik, to Goritsa, and down to the beach (Kara Dere).  Another possible routes here are:

      - route a: it is an off road from Shkorpilovtsi to Kara Dere: Many years ago I tried to find this road, but in the end I lost in the wood an had to pedal back to Shkorpilovtsi. The road is not labeled, it is in the wood, there is not any visibility. It is easy to lose the road.

      - route b: again it is an off road from Shkorpilovtsi to Samotino to Goritsa and down to Kara Dere. Have in mind that Samotino is leaved village. Nobody living in it.

      - route c: an off road west from Shkorpilovtsi along Fandakliiska River back to the road E 87. Google map does not show this road, but it is not a problem to find it. I pedalled it.

Again I post here the road profile chart from Bliznatsi to Byala. There are 2 hills between Staro Oryahovo and Byala. 

The road here is wider and safer comparing with the previous item. Next several photos illustrate this road segment.

      From Goritsa you have to turn left down toward Kara Dere. Some information for Kara Dere:



        Several photos of this spot. I love to spent a day here. Have in mind there are not shops, restaurants, and fresh water on the beach.

      To return to the main road E87 (from Kara Dere), pedal to south through the vineyard, there is an off-road towards Byala (the first photo above), or you can return to Goritsa.

        Pedalling towards Byala, (from Kara Dere) after


approx 1,5 to 2 km, there is a perfect fountain of fresh water (one of the not so many water fountain along the seaside I would drink water), but it can be a little hard to find as it cannot be seen directly from the dirty road. It is placed in a low place, which I have pointed out on the map.

Route b

From Skorpilovtsi to Samotino to Goritsa

      All the route is off road, I think it would be not nice to explore it if it is raining. Unfortunately in Shkorpilovtsi there is not any sign for the road, so you have to rely on GPS. So many flies I have never seen anywhere.        After Samotino you will see signs you are along a velo lane up to Goritsa. I am not sure if somebody pedal this velo lane. Just before to enter in Goritsa there is a nice spring of fresh water.

Next little town is Byala. I do not love this place and usually pass it by. Information for Byala:



Route c

       In the end, several words concerning the off road west from Shkorpilovtsi along Fandakliiska River back to the road E 87.  It is a little hard to find it, I think a   GPS device would be useful while leave Shkorpilovtsi in west direction. All the time keep biking next to the power transmission line. the route would be not nice in a humid and raining days.

15. Obzor


      The road from Byala to Obzor to Banya to Sunny Beach is one of the terrible segments of E87. The traffic is very poor, the road is narrow. Here are 2 passes crossing the Balkan: Obzorski Pass and Pomoriiski Pass. The first one cannot be avoided, but the second - Pomoriiski Pass - yes, it is possible, and I recommend doing it (look the next point; see also Chapter I. Passes in Balkan Sector I. C, point 17. Pomoriiski Pass.


      Sorry, but again you have to use road E87.  As you are leaving Byala, a perfect view is revealed ahead.

      In Obzor, right at the first street lights, there is an open market and water fountain.  A perfect place to wash equipment.  Turning left at the street light is the direction to a very nice beach where equipment can be dried, while you are cooling and enjoying the sea waves.


      We love this place and almost each summer spend 10 - 12 days of leisure. Here you can find an overnight accommodation of each kind - very inexpensive room in private homes and a luxury hotels. The beach is perfect.

      Information for Obzor:





      The road from Obzor toward Burgas is one of the terrible road segments of E87; heavy traffic and the road is narrow. Just after Obzor you will find Obzorski Pass (not so high) crossing the Balkan. It cannot be avoided. Next is the road profile chart.

E 87 from Byala toward Obzor. As you are leaving Byala, a perfect view is revealed ahead.

      We love this place and almost each summer spend 10 - 12 days of leisure. Here you can find an overnight

  accommodation of each kind - very inexpensive room in private homes and a luxury hotels. The beach is perfect.
And an hour of strong summer storm - middle of June '22.

      Leaving Obzor, you have to climb Obzorski Pass. The Pass is not hard for climbing, but the road is narrow, the traffic intensive,  which makes the

  pedalling here not pleasant, although it is not obvious from the next several photos - I took photos in the end of May, it is still not the tourist season here.








16. Irakli







      Irakli also is a desert area, although next to the beach. There you will find a small shop and fresh water. I did not visit it since 2011, it seems there is a camp place there, and the camp on the beach is not possible now. Some information for Irakli:




Just after Obzorski Pass is the crossroad towards Irakli and Emona.The road toward Irakli and Emona is signed well.

The beach at Irakli



17. Emona







      My next description is aimed to avoid Pomoriiski Pass, where the traffic is very heavy and I do recommend avoiding it. 


Information for Pomoriiski pass is available in:

Chapter I. Passes in Balkan

                   Sector I. C

                   point 17. Pomoriiski Pass


    The road towards Emona is not so pleasant, there are road segments without permanent road cover, it is quite dusty, fortunately there is not traffic here.

      Have in mind that the entire area is very dry place, so bring food and water with you, especially if you intend to spend a night here in the wilderness.




Several words for Emine Cape can be seen in the next links:



      When you see the wood monument of the jackal, you are chose to Emona. In the area there are a lot of jackals, at 9,30 pm you can hear their weeping for a while. There is a dirty road down to the sea coast and little beach.         Never mind I pedal this route many times, I have never visit it; Usually here I am too late and I am looking for a camp place for the night.  
     Reaching the village, a nice view is revealed to Burgas Bay (village attitude is approx. 200 m). In the village there is a little shop, my advice is to load up and have   with you bottles of mineral water, because the area further is perfect for wild camping, but is an absolutely dry area.


Sector IV. D



From Emine Cape to Burgas





      18. Emona - Nesebar

      19. Nesebar

      20. Aheloi

      21. Sarafovo



      Soon you will leave the wilderness and arrive in the most crowded  tourist seaside zone. Here will be found the resorts of Robinzon, Elenite, St. Vlas, the biggest resort south from Balkan - Sunny Beach, and the towns of Nesebar, Ravda, and Aheloy.  It is extremely, highly touristy, built up area.

18. From Emona to Nesebar

      All the area towards Elenite Resort is untouched area. Note, even in the summer, when there is very little rain, if the weather is wet or rain is in the forecast, the off road from Emona to Elenite will be muddy. If you  

choose to camp in the wilderness here, do not be afraid hearing the jackals songs - you will heat it 9.30 - 10 pm.  Be careful in the two points noted on the map as "Bulgaria". It is a dry river valley where is easy to lose the road. 

     The area is much more scenic May to the middle of June, when everywhere is green.       The next several photos are taken un the early September 2020, when everything is colour in yellow and brown. 
      Again I will underline, that on the map above I have pointed "small beach". You have to be careful at this place. Down along the dry river bed you van reach it. If you take the right road, soon you will see a primitive farm. It is not your road. Soon after taking the correct  

road, you will see an abandoned building. Several kilometers further is Elenite Resort. It is a luxury place. Information for it:




       For bicyclists exploring the seaside in the opposite direction, from south to north,  my suggestion is heavy loaded bicyclists and all recumbents, avoid this road.  There are many steep and rocky segments in this road,  

especially in the beginning just after Elenite Resort. Below, is the experience a friend of mine had riding a recumbent on this section of road:


   "As was shown on Boris Bob’s site, at the dead end of the road (actually the gated and guarded entrance to the upper level of that gaudy resort) there was a dirt road, of quite a sever up grade we needed to take to start our adventure. We had 3 days of provisions, for what measured out to be maybe a day and a half of pedalling, just in case the road was slow going. But, we didn’t get to test the “slow going” part because the first 200 meters of the road involved one of us helping push the others trike up the grade or dealing with truly uneven ruts in the dirt road. We had about 12k to pedal, and it took us an hour to just get through the first 200 meters.  After a couple of these “push me” exercises I went for a walk up the road to see if there was any improvement in the road condition. I found nothing but a continuation of the same. So, with the intention of having Susan see what I saw, I set up a duck in the middle of the road where I stopped, came back and told Susan I wasn’t interested in going any farther than what we had done (but she was welcome to walk up the road to or farther than I had walked and check it out). Without a second thought she agreed with my decision.  This was the end of this detour for us.

           That decision made we turned around pedalled back to E9, and started pedalling up E9 to Varna."

      The next photos illustrate the same place and have for me an emotional value.  Here are my expedition with my daughter 2007 hearing for the first time jackal weeping  

in the night and the first bike tour with my partner, August 2008, when we spent a very windy night here. On the last photo can be seen the little desert beach I point on the map above.



19. Nesebar


      All this area is a tourist zone, it is overcrowded by tourists, again it would be better to avoid the main road. There is lane just next to the coastal line in Sunny Beach Resort.



     Beginning from Elenite, already the road is nice; next to it is located Robinson Resort, again a luxury place. It seems there is not an available information for it.

       Next to Robinzon Resort is St. Vlas. Information for it:




        Just to St. Vlas is attached Sunny Beach Resort, the


biggest one south from Balkan. If you love absolutely crowded place - it is just the place for you. Information in details for Sunny Beach Resort:


A velo lane will lead you from sunny Beach to Nesebar.

      The place I love in this region is the old history town Nesebar, You may visit the peninsula with the old part of Nesebar, it is  protected by UNESCO (next photos).  

A lot information for Nesebar is available in the next sites:




       More photos of this spot taken in the early June 2020, when the resorts were empty because of the COVID 19 epidemics . . .          We decided that for us it is not dangerous and spend several sunny days there enjoying of the empty beaches.

20. From Nesebar to Sarafovo

For more detail information I split this sector in three parts. Following my next description, you will miss the traffic, which in the touristy season here is terrible.

Sector IV. 20 - A

      Next place is Ravda. To avoid E 87, use the local road from Nesebar, and enter in Ravda keeping you as close to the shore as possible pedalling to south until you reach Aheloy. Information for Ravda:




      As a resort Ravda is not so popular like Nesebar, the beach next to it is not so big. The last years all the area from Nesebar to Ravda was covered with buildings, many people from Russia, GB and other countries invest their money buying here properties, I am not sure if it is wise.

       Leaving Ravda, toward Burgas again you can pedal along the main road R87 toward Burgas. If you intend to visit Aheloy,  you have to be careful at the circle crossing  after Ravda to take the local road toward Aheloy.  Information for Aheloy are available in the next sites:   




 and the history battle near Aheloy many years ago:


      I will increase one more time the scale. Google map shows that it is possible to reach Aheloi pedaling next to the sea shore. So far I have investigated only a part of this opportunity (the two photos in right). I hope summer '23 to research again this place. It is important to avoid road E 87.

Sector IV. 20 - B

     To reach Camping Aheloy, you have to enter in Aheloy and find the local road to the campground. There you will find restaurants, a food shop, free Wi Fi, toilet and bathroom facilities.

      Usually I stay for a night a little further - I have point this place in the dike between Pomorie Lake and the sea. It is next to an old military bunker from WW 2. Next to the bunker is the mouth of a small, fresh water river,


which is ok for bathing and washing equipment, but really not safe to drink.

     After renovating of the road E 87, it is not easy to reach my camp spot coming from Aheloy; unfortunately, to reach this place from Camping Aheloy, you have to walk maybe 100 meters along the beach, which is not so nice especially for your heavy loaded rig. I will increase the scale again for a better presentation of this spot: sector IV. 20 - B. 1

      Next photos illustrate the local road next to the motor road, new hotels building in this area, the old military bunker, mouth of the small clean river


and Marty, John and I pushing our bikes toward the dike between the sea and Lake of Pomorie.

On the dike there is a nice place for wild camping, down the dike is the perfect beach.  I camp here at least 2 - 3 times an year.

      Again, here you will see people greased by healing salt lake mud - the same as the mud around the lake in Tyzlata. 


      August 2003 I have even tried it ... it was not easy to wash off, and gives off an unusual smell, 3-4 days after I was smelting just like a fuel station . . .


      An endless desert beach . . . I love this place.

Google maps do not show, but on the dike there is a dirty road toward Pomorie. Use it instead the Motor road !
Pomorie is in front of me.

In the opposite direction you have to pass through Pomorie, find Pomorie Lake and you will see the dike. the next photo is just the point shown as "Pub End of the Road" on the map in left.

In the end of this point, some information for Pomorie and several photos from the City:





In the beginning of the XX century Pomorie was burned, only 4-5 old houses are available now.

Sector IV. 20 - C

From Pomorie to Sarafovo

       Leaving Pomorie, 2 - 3 kilometers along the main road there is a unique Thracian tomb, if you have a time


you may visit it, it is labelled:



      To reach Sarafovo, you can miss Aheloy and Pomorie and pedal along E 87. This road segment is


after reconstruction, I think pedalling here is not so dangerous but still unpleasant because of the traffic.

      As the traffic on the road 9 (E 87) (the three photos above were taken May - it is still not the tourist season),


a way to avoid it is to find the off road - the dashed line on the next map. It will take you to Sarafovo.

      There is a nice spot to camp in the wilderness just above the sea. There several big lakes in the area near Pomorie and Burgas, it is because here is the


stork migration route. Thousands of storks appear here in the beginning of September, the view is really amazing.


21. From Sarafovo to Burgas


      The road on the other side of Pomorie, which leads to Sarafovo and finally Burgas, is again on the main road E 87.

      Reaching Sarafovo, enter in it via round cross road next to Airport Burgas, after leave Sarafovo along the local off road next to E 87.

      Information for Sarafovo and Burgas Airport (next to Sarafovo):





      Sarafovo would be a very nice base if you intend to leave (or arrive in) Bulgaria. You will need a seven minute walk from the airport terminal to the first nice hotel in Sarafovo.

The beach and the yacht port after Sarafovo - the next photos

      Sarafovo is located higher above the sea; leaving it and pedalling toward Burgas along the off road (photos below) next to the shore, a beautiful view to the


Bay of Burgas is revealed.

      This off road is very popular, a lot of bicyclists are pedalling here permanently.


      In the end of the off road you will be surprised to find a velo lane - just between Atanasovsko Lake and the Sea.


      Atanasovko Lake is an important place for the bird migration, it is a reserve, often you will see many people near the Lake observing the birds; over more again in its region there is a lot of healing mud so, it is a zone where you will see hundreds of people greased by healing salt lake mud as around the lake above ... a mass madness in action.

Information for the Lake:




     The velo lane will take you to Sea Garden of Burgas, it ends at the Burgas Line Station.

      Burgas is a big Bulgarian town at the sea coast. I love its Sea Garden. Information for Burgas:




     Some of my tours finish in Burgas, and I go back home by a train; at Burgas rail Station is very convenient to load bikes on the train, it is there an hour to its departing.

      Several photos from Burgas and its Sea Garden:

Burgas beach

West from Burgas is placed the Lake of Burgas:


      And the last big lake west from Burgas - it is Mandra Dam and reserve "Poda" (I have not photos from this lake):



        Use the same route back from Burgas toward Sarafovo - it is very appropriate to leave Burgas to north as well !

Sector IV. E  

From Burgas to Rezovo

      We call this part of our seaside "The South Seaside". Years ago it was not a tourist area with very small towns, desert beaches, dunes, swamps, absolutely saved area. South from Ahtopol it was even close border area. Unfortunately after 2000 a great development of the area has started.  

      New resorts were built, the little towns have growth,  a lot of hotels were built; now all the area is overcrowded by tourists and the place lost its primary charm. But still some nice spot can be find out, next I will mention them.

      I love to visit this area from the end of May to 5th of  July, when it is still not overcrowded by tourists.




        22. Chernomorets & Sozopol

        23. Arkutino

        24. Primorsko - Ropotamo river

        25. Kiten

        25. Veleka river

        27. Ahtopol

        28. Rezovo 

       29. From Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Burgas (E87)

        30. From Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Tsarevo (road 99)





      This is the last road segment along the Bulgarian seaside: from Burgas to Rezovo, a distance of approx. 100 km.      

      Bicycling this route leaves the rider with not many alternatives, I will mention only some features, and I will show 2 opportunities: route a and route b. (Route b will give the possibility to avoid the crazy traffic from Burgas to Primorsko).




Please, note that there is not a Border Checkpoint at Rezovo !!!

      Coming from Turkey, you can enter in Bulgaria at the Border Checkpoint at Malko Tarnovo (E87).

      Most of this area is Strahdzha Nature Park. It is the largest protected area on the territory of Bulgaria that stretches over 1161 sq km. It was declared a protected area by virtue of Ordinance No. RD350 of 14 July 2000. It is located in the south eastern part of country, its southern border coincides with the Bulgarian sovereign  

border with Turkey, and it spreads as far as the Black Sea Coast to the east. The Nature Park lies on the territory of Strandzha Mountain which spreads in both Bulgaria and Turkey.

      More information for it can be seen here:



Leaving / Entering in Burgas


     The traffic from Burgas to Primorsko during the tourist season (10th of July to 5-6th of September) is crazy, I would say, it is even more than crazy. My suggestion is to avoid it. There are several very dangerous road segments, the pedalling here is not a pleasure even it is extremely dangerous, so, if you follow my description you will be able to avoid this unpleasant road segments.


      IMPORTANT !   Have in mind that leaving Burgas to the point A, next to road 99 there is a bicycle lane (the red dashed line from the side I point). GOOGLE MAP DOES NOT SHOW this lane !!!


      Do not hesitate to pedal along this lane. If you enter in Burgas from south, you will find it at Point A just after an old iron bridge at the point A in the left map.

      If you leave Burgas, it is the lane along the seaside next to the sea garden toward Burgas Line Station and so on. You will be not wrong following it.


      The first three photos (were taken June still out of the intensive tourist season) are the motor road when leave Burgas (toward point B);

Next several photos are from Point A toward Burgas Line Station and the Sea Garden.

      Now I will increase a little the scale. (the map in left) No way to avoid the motor road between point A and point B. If you are pedalling from Burgas to Sozopol along the velo lane, just after the old iron bridge my advise is to walk 450 meters against the traffic to the complicated overhead crossing, where try to find the local road (the old road) toward Sozopol.

      If you are leaving Burgas & pedalling along the motor road, you have to orientate when are on the overhead crossing - the red dashed line on the next scheme.

      The next several photos are just there.

The short walk between Points A and B is not dangerous, there is enough place, as it can be seen in the middle photo below.


22. Toward Chernomorets & Sozopol


Route a

      Knowing all these details, we can move to South now. On the next map is marked the Motor Road; although the Google Map show the local road, it does not permit me to mark the local road, already you know it is just next to the motor road 99.


      The road profile chart shows several higher places, where a nice view to the sea is available.

      Next several photos are the local road toward Atia and the Motor road next to it. It can be seen, that


there are parts of the local road which are not so nice, but this lane will be only yours.

        The next several photos are the beach between Atia and Chernomorets. There is an opinion, that radioactivity there is a little higher, but I do not miss to spent a night on it I have this opportunity.


      So far I still not emitted lights after spending an afternoon and night there.

        At the North side of the beach you will see a little village. It is not Atia, no food shop there. Atia is placed a kilometer south from the beach. Food shop is available in it.

Toward Chernomorets and Sozopol again follow the local road, running parallel to the main road.

      I do not like Chernomorets so much, I have never spent my vacancy there. Between Chernomorets and Sozopol is placed a wide gulf, all the beach is Camping Gradina. A totally overcrowded by tourists place, I always avoid it.  

      Sozopol is an ancient town and it is worth spending an afternoon walking the area, relaxing, and having a beer or coffee.  

A lot of information for Sozopol is available here:



      Entering in the old part of Sozopol, you will see a church holding relics of John the Baptist. They were discovered several years ago during archaeological excavations of the old Byzantine church remains under the authority of a prominent Bulgarian Professor and Archaeologist. Two independent tests of the bones were carried out in Universities of London and Copenhagen.


       DNA analysis showed that these were the bones of  a human - a man who lived in the Levant at the beginning of the new era. More information for it can be seen here:





Mere photos from Sozopol. I love to have a cup of coffee here, but that's all.

23. Arkutino


      After leaving Sozopol there is a local road which leads to Arkutino, it is not necessary to go back to the road N99. There is a village and a resort at the point in red on the map in left (the first photo below). Further the local road is closed to motor traffic, but nobody will stop bicyclists to pedal this area by.

      Along this local road you will find nice places to camp on the beach (see both photos 2 and 3 down are at point B on the map). Food and a perfect beach can be found at camping Kavatsite.

      Here are:

      - Dyuni Resort:



      - Reserve Alepu (the last two photos):



      - Arkutino area is a reserve because of some special spices and relics. It seems there is not available sites for it.


      - St. Thomas Island (the Snake Island):



    Leaving Sozopol, at the next little gulf are located 2 camping places: Kavatsite and Smokinya. Years ago it was a beautiful spot, but now there are many new hotels, I thing in the tourist season the place is overcrowded by a tourists ... I do not believe it is worth much to stay there, never mind the beach is very nice.

Pedalling further, suddenly in front of you a pompous building will appear suddenly, you are entering in Dyuni Resort.


My favourite place is a little bit further; it is so called "Driver's Beach". Usually I spent a night at this spot.

The road is on a dike, it parts a long desert beach and Alepu Reserve (the last two photos):


       Here I will increase a little the scale: follow the local road when are exploring this area. Of first you have to enter in the Vacancy Village, there is a guard post, but I believe there will be no any problems;


to cross area explaining you are headed toward Primorsko wanting to avoid the traffic along the main road 99.

      From the other side of the village there is not such a guard post.  

      Following further this road you will see a remains of a megalomaniac communistic project, further - a wood trail to a very nice beach: Arkutino Beach.




24. Primorsko & Ropotamo River



      Leaving the local road at Arkutino, you are again on road 99,  the next road segment toward Primorsko is really a very dangerous segment, especially just near the Ropotamo River - on the map on left I have shown just this road segment.


     The road here is narrow, and the bushes near the road are just like a wall, making it impossible to shift out onto the road quickly when needed. The traffic here can also be a huge problem. But, there is no alternative way to go.


      I really hate this road section and in the tourist season I definitely avoid it. Maybe it is the most dangerous one in the entire road segments I was writing about so far.


The several next photos are the road toward Primorsko taken in the early June 2019

      Primorsko is a popular resort due to its very nice beaches. Always is possible to find out overnight accommodation here. Information for Primorsko:  




The next several photos are the beach placed north from Primorsko - one of the best beaches among our seaside.

      A possibility here is to visit the saved area north of Primorsko to the  Ropotamo River Mouth.


      Pedalling up the hill north from Primorsko, a very nice view toward it is revealed: photos in left.

      On the hill, above the mouth of the river, there are ancient megalith structures so called "Beglik Tash":


      This area is a protected zone, cars are forbidden.  Be


warned, here and now: FIRES OF ANY KIND are absolutely

forbidden  – There are “green” patrols searching for fires. This is a great place to spend a night on the beach in a

sleeping bag. Bring your own food and water with you.

     A rock called "the Lion Head" is in the same region, but the walk to it is not so big pleasure because of the   specific extremely thorny bushes, it seems such bushes are endemic specimens available only here, it is because all the area is a national reserve.


      Bicyclists reading carefully my description have to remember that there was one more route from Burgas to Primorsko:

Route b

      To avoid the terrible traffic from Burgas to Primorsko, as an opportunity here is to follow the route:

      From Burgas to Marinka (E87) to Novo Panicharevo (9909) to Yasna Polyana to Primorsko (992).

      Although there is a little more climbing, here you will not see any traffic, the pedalling is much more pleasant and save.




      If you want to visit Sozopol, my suggestion is to stay 2-3 days in Promorsko and use the public transport for this purpose. The public transport here is well arranged.

      Leaving Burgas, you have to follow the road toward Malko Tarnovo (E 87). Further, towards Yasna Polyana


and Primorsko road is labelled well. Food can be found in Marinka and Yasna Polyana.

The countryside toward Novo Panicharevo, Yasna Polyana and Primorsko.


25. From Primorsko to Kiten to Lozenets

      To go to the next little town Kiten, leave Promorsko following the local road along the south coast line of Primorsko.

      Again, Kiten is a touristy area, always you can find overnight accommodation in it.

      Information for Kiten:


      The north beach of kiten is called "At Liman" Beach, meaning the "Horse Beach". I like it, but the south from Kiten there is much larger beach.

      The next photos illustrate the loval road from Primorsko to Kiten.

Photos from Kiten and At Liman Beach north from Kiten in right.



      South from Kiten the traffic is relatively lighter.  Just after the bridge crossing at Karaagach River, leave road N99,  the pedalling along the local road toward Lozenets and Tsarevo will be safer.

      Three camping are available between Kiten and Lozenets: camping "Kiten", camping "Ug" and camping "Koral".

      The first three photos below are the bridge over Karaagach River and its mouth.

      Just next to the bridge there is a patrol of Border Police. They may ask for your passports, that's all.


      Be careful to find out the local road just after the bridge; never mind it is in a poor condition,


it will be much safer to pedal along it rather than the main road.

      I have never explored beaches between Karaagach River Mouth and Lozenets; Information and photos


from Lozenets: 



26. From Lozenets to Tsarevo


      Leaving Lozenets again it would be better here to use the local road.

      There are two camping ground places: Camping Oasis and Camping Arapya. The last one was one of my favourite places years ago, but now this little beautiful gulf is surrounded by buildings, I prefer to avoid it.

      Bicycling toward Tsarevo, many small gulfs can be seen, and dirt roads to reach them. There are enough places to set up the tent in the wilderness.

      Next several photos are the countryside toward Tsarevo. 

Arapya . . . it was very scenic place before to built hotels . . .
Toward Tsarevo
      Tsarevo was not one of my favourite places, but I see that the last years it was improved considerably, and now it is not so bad place. There is a lovely lane along the sea with nice coffee places to relax there  

enjoying of the view.

      Information for Tsarevo:


      Several photos from Tsarevo.

A nice beach is south from Tsarevo, the place is named Nestinarka. Next several photos are the local road toward Nestinarka Beach and the beach itself.

Summer 2022 in Carevo






27. From Tsarevo to Ahtopol




           Just after Tsarevo, road N99 leads directly to the Malko Tarnovo and Border checkpoint Malko Tarnovo at BG/ Turkish border. (in the end of the chapter I will give a little more information for it). This road is appropriate for pedalling to or from Turkey, and there is not any traffic on it.



      Leaving Tsarevo, you will see more free area, area still not covered by buildings and nice for a wild camping. I love this still wild area and I believe, that after   the world pandemic '20 this mass tourism and all the activities coming from it will slow down and this area will be wild at least next 20 years.
Varvara is a village located between Tsarevo and Ahtopol.  Food is available there, there is not nice beaches  

around it. Here is a little information for it:


      The last small town is Ahtopol. I love this scenic place. Ahtopol is still not over  crowded with tourists, but I see many new hotels appearing over the last few years. North  

from Ahtopol there is a nice beach. Information for Ahtopol:



28. Sinemorets and Veleka River mouth


      The last route sector is the one from Ahtopol to Rezovo.

      Again the nature here is still not affected too much by the tourist industry, the road is narrow, the area it still not overcrowded by the tourists.


     Years ago in the time of communism the iron bridge over Veleka river was the last accessible point at the seaside. Further was not possible to go. Sinemorets is a small village high over Veleka River mouth. Information for Sinemorets:




Towards Sinemorets



      Nine to ten kilometers south of Ahtopol is the mouth of the Veleka River, a place worth seeing.  But, make sure you have mosquito repellent.


      There are two possibilities to approach Veleka River Mouth:


      – To the left just before the bridge on the road N 9901.

      –  Down the off-road from Sinemorets.


      The sea is dangerous here, with a strong undertow, in the surf, pulling you out to sea. Not far out from the shore, there is an immediate drop off, causing the undertow.



      The river firth, behind the dune is a safe, fresh water area to play.




29. Rezovo
      Here are the last ten kilometers to Rezovo and Bulgarian/Turkey border,  the end point of Bulgarian seaside. A one band road will lead you further.         Along the seaside there are dirt roads which will lead you to small gulfs and desert beaches just fine for camping on the beach. Bring bottled water and food with you.
      The most scenic and popular place here is “Silistar” - a dirty road is available to this place.          There is a camping ground place too. DO NOT DRINK WATER from the taps in "SILISTAR" !!!

And the last several kilometers to Rezovo. Information for Rezovo:




30. Entering in Bulgaria from Turkey


      The routes on the next map are for bicyclists entering (leaving) in Bulgaria from Turkey (Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo).

      Three are the routes if you enter here in Bulgaria:


Route a

To head to Burgas directly (The distance from Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Burgas is 82 km.);


Route b

To head to Tsarevo (The distance from Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Tsarevo is 64 km.);


Route c

To pedal toward Vizitsa, Pismenovo, Primorsko (The distance from Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Primorsko is 76 km.).


      Have in mind that the off road from Vizitsa to Pismenovo is not labelled; GPS device here would be useful.


Route a

Never mind it is an international road, here there is not any traffic; the road is in very nice conditions, the pedalling here is a pleasure. The route here is:

From Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Malko Tarmovo (E87) to Krushevets to Marinka to Birgas.

     The route is very nice for bicyclists crossing Bulgaria from north to south or back. Malko Tarnovo is a little remote city, overnight accommodation is available in it.  Information for Malko Tarnovo:




      Information for Malko Tarnovo, Strandzha Mountain, saved zones, accommodation:





      Most of this area is Strahdzha Nature Park. It is the largest protected area on the territory of Bulgaria that stretches over 1161 sq km. It was declared a protected area by virtue of Ordinance No. RD350 of 14 July 2000. It is located in the southeastern part of country, its southern border coincides with the Bulgarian sovereign border with Turkey, and it spreads as far as the Black Sea  

 Coast to the east.

      The Nature Park lies on the territory of Strandzha Mountain which spreads in both Bulgaria and Turkey. More information for it can be seen here:


      Countryside towards Zvezdets. Food can be find out in Zvezdets, Krushevets and Marinka.

Food can be find out in Zvezdets, Krushevets and Marinka. The first photo below is a typical view from Ztrandzha Mountain.

Approaching to Burgas, take the velo lane parallel to the motor road. It will lead you to the sea garden.











Route b




      An opportunity here is to head toward Tsarevo. The area is perfect to be explored, the road is not so nice comparing with route a, but the traffic here is non.


The route is:

      From Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Malko Tarmovo to Gramatikovo (99) to Kondolovo to Balgari to Izgrev to Tsarevo

Toward Gramatikovo.

The village is a kilometer right from the road. Food and overnight accommodation is available in it. Information for Gramatikovo:


     The next little village is Kondolovo. Entering in it, near the road you will see a little restaurant called "The last bullet" , which owner is the local major. He is very friendly man.         Next to it is his home, a little chapel, spring of fresh water and a meadow, where you can set up your tent. He told me, that bicyclists are camping regularly at this nice spot. Soon there will be a shower too. 

Toward Izgrev and Tsarevo.

Route c





      The last opportunity here is to head toward Primorsko.



The route is:

      From Border Checkpoint Malko Tarnovo to Malko Tarmovo to Gramatikovo to Vizitsa (997) to Pismenovo to Primorsko.


      The route sector from Vizitsa to Pismenovo is for bicyclists loving off road bicycling.

      Have in mind that in Vizitsa there is not a food shop.


The countryside toward Pismenovo. The road from Vizitsa and Pismenovo is a dirty one.

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